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Characteristics of electric vehicle

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

As professional of production manufacturers, years professional engaged in Yu electric car, related electric vehicles of production and supply, to better of meet user of needs, in I company after long time research and improved of form Xia, by supply of electric car energy-saving environmental, and not by temperatures of effect and using, in exercise process in the no pollution, hot radiation low, noise small, section frame simple, using maintenance convenient. Electric car as clean, energy-efficient new vehicles, electric cars have incomparable advantages than the conventional car, it has been welcomed all over the world, known as "star of tomorrow".
For the users to drive an electric car battery the first consideration. Battery electric car development is the primary key, we state the battery is now widely regarded in Ni-MH battery performance is better than the lead-acid battery. But 4-5 times the current price for lead-acid batteries, is vigorously tackle let it down. Chemical properties of lithium is the lightest, very active metals, lithium-ion battery unit weight for lead-acid batteries 3 times, Li-Polymer battery 4 times times and rich in lithium resources, price is not too expensive, are promising battery. Customers are made aware of the production of electric cars is the first choice if you demand in direct consultation with our professional staff.

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