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Electric car charging into what

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1, to buy a car (or replace the battery), the battery should be around 80% of electricity, home should be charging time is based on the charger light filled after 4 hours, three times.
2, the day after (36V riding 10 km, 48v rode 15 kilometers) to adhere to the charge, but charging will not take too long, the charger lights for one hour. Charging rather insufficient, nor overcharge, otherwise the battery will be fully because of lack of water, swelling, swelling. Cause irreparable battery damage.
3, do not allow water into the battery box, which the UMC shell battery.
4, regularly once a month to completely discharge (riding "low voltage" led lit) and charge for 12 consecutive hours.
5, conditional on the entire set of batteries in the unit reversed the, a warranty period of battery (especially in the summer), each with three, four months in each monomer of the battery to add 3-4 ml of deionized water (wahaha pure water).
6, once found turn charging charger does not turn green or a green light, be sure to check whether there is problem or loss.
7, the whole set of battery discharge and charge must always be kept clean, prevent patina in the point of contact, resulting in poor contact overheating and damage.

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