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Electric controller principle

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

Electric vehicle controller do not understand you can see electric vehicle controller and this article had a basic understanding of the controller, electric vehicle controller is through a PWM pulse width modulation of the output voltage of the motor speed adjustment:
Controller meet lock line voltage and main loop voltage supply whole car Hou, General will has a boot since check of process, check controller of Hall, phase line, hand put, brake and so on around component whether normal, then into standby state, hand put turned provides turned signal, pinch Xia brake put cut hand put signal Hou mechanical brake hinder wheels turned, controller according to motor Hall components by at of location and control 3 phase 6 Group power MOS tube of opened
All of function signal (customer of operation instruction) through electric of different of operation switch, after leads transmission to controller end, controller internal integrated chip operation Hou issued action instruction, controller also also has power circuit provides whole Board of work voltage, due to controller through and control is big of drive circuit, current detection protection circuit is very important of part, addition chip internal wrote has program, can according to writes different of program achieved different of function, controller chip main of work is divided into function achieved, Condition monitoring, motor control, these are driver summary of principles of electric vehicle controllers, of course there are other peripheral circuits within the electric vehicle controller, while watching the electric controller circuit diagram can be learned.

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