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Electric vehicle charger malfunction maintenance tips

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

fuse fuse
Under normal circumstances, fuse fuse description charger internal circuit short circuit or over-current failures. This is because the charger to work long hours at high voltage, high current state, due to the high failure rate of the device. In addition, voltage fluctuations, surges can cause charger momentarily increased blow a fuse.
Maintenance: first of all, look closely at the circuit boards and components, see if the appearance of these elements being burned or electrolyte overflow, sniff-smell is ignorant. Again measurement power entered end of resistance value, if is less than 20Ok ω, is description Hou end has local short-circuit phenomenon, then respectively measurement 4 only rectifier diode are, anti-resistance value and two a limited flow resistance of resistance, see has no short-circuit or burned of; last again measurement power filter capacitor whether can for normal charging and discharging, and switch power tube whether breakdown damaged, and UC3842 and the around components whether breakdown, burned,. It is important to note, because it is a measurement, may cause incorrect measurements or cause a miscarriage, so if necessary, welding components measurement. If there is still no above, measure the input power cord and output power cord for an internal short circuit. On the general situation, fuse failure, Rectifier diodes, power supply filter capacitors, switches, power tubes, UC3842 is vulnerable, the probability of damage by 95% and more, we should examine these components, it is easy to troubleshoot.

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