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Lithium electric bike charging to prolong battery life

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1. electric vehicle lithium batteries need to be placed in the shade, neither frozen nor in a hot place.
Temperature on the car with a lithium-ion battery battery capacity has a big impact. The aging speed of lithium batteries is determined by temperature and charging status. High battery capacity charge status and increased temperatures will accelerate the decline. If the full charge on the battery at high temperature, it will cause great damage to the battery. Therefore, to long-term storage, the best treatment is sufficient to 40% the battery is placed in the shade, allows longer shelf life in the functioning of the protection circuit of the battery itself.
2. lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles should try to avoid frequent full discharges.
Some lithium-ion batteries will early retirement due to excessively low discharge. When charging the battery to 2.5 volts each, when the internal safety circuit will start, the battery will start is not working. But if the battery drops to 1.5 volts each and can remain for some time, for security reasons, you cannot charge the battery. To be stored for a long time, on battery power requirements, and needs to be filled once every month.

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