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Maintenance of batteries for electric bikes

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

(1) the battery will be installed on an electric bicycle should be strong, in case when riding the battery from vibration damage.
(2) clean dust and dirt from the battery box, keep the battery dry and clean to prevent battery discharge itself.
(3) the batteries stay away from the high-temperature heat source. In summer, no direct exposure to the Sun (summer parking especially pay attention). To observe good ventilation when charging.
(4) electric bicycle has just started to use pedal power start, avoid discharging current is too large and damage battery when riding, be careful not to let the battery discharge, the discharge is easy to cause critical battery power, thus greatly shortening its service life.
(5) electric bike's load is too large, will inevitably lead to increased motor current, battery discharge battery early decay, serious impact on battery life. Our company offers high power motor configurations of large capacity battery electric vehicles, with the aim to resolve the large slope problems frequently encountered on the way. But some customers blind pursuit of power to
The carrying capacity of the vehicle, especially the rides to people, as shown in the picture below, not only serious violations of the traffic regulations, the maintenance of electric bicycle itself is bad.

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