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What principles of selecting a new electric car battery

Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

What principles of selecting a new electric car battery?
1, special attention to the choice of a new electric car battery
Specifications model line is the primary condition. New batteries before the combination, with original battery charge to as close as possible to, greater than or less than, bad for old and new batteries, pay attention to make them balanced each other.
2, electric car battery new not too different
Especially the new battery should be consistent with the old battery internal resistance or close. Measurement and calculation method of internal resistance of the battery: the battery in series a 60-100W bulb, bulb voltage and battery. Add ammeter and voltmeter in the circuit, after receiving a good, open the switch by lamp discharge, 2min and measure voltage, current, 10min read the beta 6, take notes. Then, close the circuit immediately before it's too late to measure light bulb resistance calculate compare battery; minimum battery capacity maximum internal resistance, note the old battery is not in use, should replace the new battery internal resistance can not be used with, are worth a try, to resistance or close to achieving satisfaction.

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