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Advantages Of Electric Tricycle And Selection Of Carriage Frame
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

                 The electric tricycle uses the high quality big capacity traction use lead-acid battery, the power is strong, uses the high quality DC motor, the running noise is small, the service life is long, the speed control system uses the Stepless speed regulation, the structure simple operation is simple. The electric tricycle is small in size and can be flexibly traveled across narrow roads. The electric tricycle has the reversing switch, can conveniently realize the reversing driving function, and has the pronunciation prompt, this in the road narrow Alley, the alley is very practical, regardless of the traveling parking is very convenient. There is no pollution during the operation of the electric tricycle, which is conducive to the protection of the environment and can be recharged at night when the electric power is low. Electric tricycle charging, driving system after careful design, the use of high-quality components, so that the operating cost is greatly reduced, the average operating costs far lower than the same car. Electric Tricycle is relatively novel, is a good way of sightseeing tourism. And the price is cheap.Electric Tricycle

                 Electric tricycle Carriage Frame selection: First, to be optimistic about the size of the car, because the electric tricycle has a different size, so the corresponding, tricycle car also has a matching size, everyone in the selection of the first thing to pay attention to is to find the appropriate size, in order to avoid the problem of not applicable. Second, in the selection of electric tricycle carriage frame, we should pay attention to the quality and safety of the car, because the carriage is used for manned, and is post-processing, so for the overall structure of the compartment, quality, safety factor should be strict inspection and attention to ensure that their purchase is a safe product. Third, pay attention to the weight of the car, because the car can use a variety of different materials to make, some metals may be heavier on the weight, such carriages for the horsepower of the small electric tricycle has a great burden, is not very suitable.Electric Tricycle

                 Reminder: Electric tricycle Carriage frame is not a good choice, in the selection must choose the appropriate size of the electric tricycle compartment frame, to ensure the performance of electric tricycle carriage frame.Electric Tricycle

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