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Battery Analysis Of Electric Motorcycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Motorcycle Battery Charger is a transformer (that is, to reduce the mains 220V to 14V or so) of the output line on the diode can be, the principle is the AC voltage step-down, and then rectified into DC power can be. With two diode is half wave rectifier, charging speed is slow; four diodes are full wave rectifier, charging speed is faster.Electric Motorcycle

From the car to remove the battery with a special charger charge because the motorcycle battery charging needs to charge the machine, its role is to convert 220 to 12 electricity, the motorcycle's magnetic motor is the AC power, after the rectifier becomes DC and voltage regulator after charging the battery. Go to a professional car repair place for professionals charge 7 a battery charge current control within the 700ma-1000ma, the owners had better not to try to recharge their own home, if the operation error not only can not be recharged, but will be very dangerous.Electric Motorcycle The charger output maximum reaches 43v/3a/129w, already can satisfy. During the charging process, the charging current will gradually decrease. With the current switching power supply technology and the switch tube production level, single-ended switching regulator output power limit value has been raised to 180W, or even greater. The output power of the single end of the 150W-type switch regulator, its reliability has reached a very high degree. The application of MOS FET switch tube successfully solves the problem of two-time breakdown of the switch tube, which makes the reliability of switching power supply more and more.Electric Motorcycle

The most widely used, and the earliest, single-end drive that can directly drive MOS FET switches is MC3842. MC3842 in the stable output voltage, but also has the load current control function, so often referred to as the current-controlled switching power supply driver, no doubt for the charger this function has a unique advantage, only with very few peripheral components can achieve constant voltage output, but also control the charging current. In particular, the MC3842 can directly drive the MoS FET tube characteristics, the reliability of the charger will be greatly improved.Electric Motorcycle

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