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Common Malfunction Of Electric Bicycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

             The controller of electric vehicle is one of the four important parts of electric vehicle, it is the "brain" of electric vehicle, which controls the start-up, operation, retreat, speed and stop of electric vehicle motor. So the "health" of the controller is very important! At ordinary times ride to cherish good, can let it for you better effect!Electric Bicycle

             Now some enterprises are also conducting electric vehicle fault detection equipment research and development, but as an electric vehicle repair master, or should master the diagnosis and maintenance technology, the following and the electric vehicle industry friends to explore, the controller's common Troubleshooting and maintenance skills:Electric Bicycle

              Electric car power does not go the implementation of laborious, the implementation of the "thump pedal" voice: Diagnosis and Repair: This situation is the motor line due to contact virtual connection caused by electric short circuit, can unplug the motor three thick phase line, cart laborious phenomenon disappeared, indicating that the controller is broken, please give replacement. If the difficulty is still implemented, the motor's problems may be caused by short circuit burnout of the motor coil. Power does not go to the wheel of the controller internal fault, do not move in the case of forced pull, you can unplug the motor three thick line any two root is lightweight! Otherwise forcibly drive will be the motor at the same time "pull" Scrap!Electric Bicycle

              Electric car ride noise large load speed slowed, the car stopped after the car can not be zero-start, the motor to turn up to operate normally. Diagnosis and maintenance: This is a motor lack of phase symptoms, now the controller is more intelligent, due to the lack of phase 0 start will jitter. This may be the motor hall damage caused by the "morbid", there is a possibility that the controller inside a phase line circuit problems. First carefully check the connection line if there is a problem, hall, the connection lines are detected normal, then the controller internal components have failed, please replace the controller!Electric Bicycle

              In the replacement of the controller must be fixed, it is best to use "non-slip" screws to tighten non-slip, to avoid bad road bumps caused by the original controller virtual welding short-circuit and damage! At the same time, the function as far as possible, do not map easy to do not connect to the whole, think that the motor is good, brake power, cruise speed, three gears, etc. Avoid damage and trouble during the next three packs. No effort, after sale worry!Electric Bicycle

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