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Components Of Electric Motorcycles
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

    The composition of the electric motorcycle includes: electric drive and control system, driving force transmission and other mechanical systems, to complete the task of the work set. Electric drive and control system is the core of electric vehicles, but also different from the use of internal combustion engine drive the biggest difference. Electric drive and control system by the drive motor, power supply and motor speed control device and so on. The other devices of electric motorcycles are basically the same as those of internal combustion engines.Electric Motorcycle

    The power supply is the electric motor of the electric motorcycle, which converts the electrical energy of the power supply into mechanical energy, drives the wheel and the working device directly through the transmission device. Today, the most widely used electric vehicle is the lead-acid battery, but with the development of electric vehicle technology, lead-acid batteries due to lower energy than the low charging speed, shorter life, and gradually replaced by other batteries. Is the development of new power applications for the development of electric vehicles opened up a broad prospect.

    The role of the motor is to convert the power of the power supply into mechanical energy, through the drive or direct drive wheels and work devices. Today's electric car is widely used DC series motor, this motor has a "soft" mechanical properties, and the car's driving characteristics are very consistent. However, with the development of motor technology and motor control technology, the DC motor is expected to be driven by the DC brushless motor (BCDM), the switched reluctance motor (SRM) and AC asynchronous motors.Electric Motorcycle

    Motor speed control device is set for the electric vehicle speed and direction change, and its role is to control the motor voltage or current to complete the motor drive torque and rotation direction control.

Before the electric car, the DC motor speed control using a series resistance or change the number of turns of the motor field coil to achieve. Because of its speed is stepped, and will produce additional energy consumption or the use of motor structure is complex, now rarely used.Electric Motorcycle

    Today's electric car is widely used in the thyristor chopper speed, by changing the motor terminal voltage evenly to control the motor current, to achieve the motor stepless speed regulation. In the continuous development of electronic power technology, it is also gradually replaced by other power transistor chopper speed control device. From the development of technology, with the new drive motor applications, electric vehicle speed control into DC inverter technology applications, will become an inevitable trend.Electric Motorcycle

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