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Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

              Cycling has slowly become a fad, especially for commuters who often sit in offices, who prefer to throw their cars in the garage and ride their bikes to work. and convenient, low prices (ordinary bicycles) make it the most popular means of transport for students.

              The highlight of the car is its removable battery, which is placed in front of the handlebar. Well, there seems to be nothing special about it. But we should note that it is more than just a battery. First we can see a screen installed on the battery, the screen will display your ride route and other data, but there is no more details of how the screen is operating, can connect with smart devices and so on. But with this screen, some road nerds do not have to go through the mobile phone because they lost their way in the process, in case the phone does not have electricity.Electric Bicycle

              After removing the battery, the electric bicycle is a common bicycle with a "small and clean" appearance. After the battery is removed, it will immediately become something else, a versatile stereo. It is exquisite, compact, portable design, for your dormitory or study to add a lot of bright colors. The main thing is that it won't be your burden. When you go on a picnic or barbecue on an electric bike, a durable battery can be placed perfectly anywhere, and the music will accompany you wherever you travel.Electric Bicycle

              In noisy city, riding such a ' small and clean ' electric bicycle, will make people feel happy? But at the moment the design company has not yet introduced the "City of Adam" to the market's substantive plan, so it is only a concept of electric bicycles.Electric Bicycle

               But we would like to know some details about the electric bike, such as the highest speed, the size of the bike, and, most importantly, the battery's endurance. We can not just enjoy the music and the power consumption, and then depressed looking at the long way home?

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