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Detailed Analysis Of Shock Absorber Of Electric Motorcycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 18, 2017

    In order to mitigate and weaken the motorcycle in the course of driving due to the impact of uneven road and vibration, to ensure the smoothness and comfort of the ride, is conducive to the improvement of the life of motorcycles and the stability of the operation, motorcycles are equipped with shock absorber devices. The common types of shock absorber structure, working principle, as well as the technical requirements of shock absorber oil and how to deploy, replace and so on.Electric Motorcycle

    There are many kinds of shock absorber, motorcycle in most of the use of cylinder-type shock absorber, only a very small number of steel spring structure. The type and variety of the tube shock absorber are many, in general, there are several types: according to the installation position, there are front shock absorber and rear shock absorber; According to the structure of the form, there is a telescopic tubular front fork Hydraulic shock absorber (This is currently the most used motorcycle shock absorber); rocker-arm lever Vertical center shock absorber Rocker Lever Tilt Center shock absorber.Electric Motorcycle

    According to the working position of the cylinder, there is an inverted shock absorber (i.e., the oil cylinder position is above, the piston rod is below); The positive shock absorber (the oil cylinder position is below, the piston rod is above). According to the working medium, there are spring-type shock absorbers; spring-air damping type shock absorber (due to the air damping force is limited, damping effect is not ideal, generally only for the speed of the light motorcycle for the rear shock absorber); hydraulic damping type shock absorber; oil-gas combined front fork shock absorber. Nitrogen-filled hydraulic shock absorber.Electric Motorcycle

    According to the direction of attenuation force, there is one-way action shock absorber; According to the load adjustment type, there are spring initial pressure adjustment type, gas spring type; The structure of the hydraulic shock absorber is similar to the suction pump, except that the upper end of the hydraulic shock absorber is closed and the valve is left with a small hole. When the rear wheel is hit by the protruding road, the cylinder moves upwards and the piston moves relatively downward in the cylinder tube.Electric Motorcycle

    At this point, the piston valve is burst upward, the inner cylinder cavity inside the piston side of the oil is not subjected to any resistance to the upper side of the piston. At the same time, this part of the oil through the bottom valve of the small hole flow into the inside, the outer cylinder between the oil cavity. Electric Motorcycle

    In this way, the impact load of the bump pavement on the vehicle is effectively attenuated. And when the wheel moves over the protruding ground, the cylinder will move downwards with the piston moving upwards relative to the cylinder. When the piston moves upwards, the valve at the bottom of the oil runs into the inner cylinder, while the oil on the upper side of the inner cylinder piston flows through the small hole on the piston valve to the lower side. At this time, when the oil flow through the small hole process, will be a lot of resistance, which produces a good damping effect, the purpose of damping.Electric Motorcycle

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