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Electric Car Distance Running King Is Mainly Reflected In The Following Aspects
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1. maximum speed: maximum speed ≦ 40Km/h acceleration 10S
2. standard braking distance: ≦ 4M
3. motor: rated speed of 410 ± 10R/min& efficiency ≥ 81%
4. battery: companies listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong and super powers and rated capacity of lead-acid gel battery hongerda exclusive 24Ah, rated voltage 48V
5. line: a charge to continue the line mileage 80-120 kilometres
6. controller: digital chip, energy saving and maintenance tips from climbing type, intelligent voice control technology system controller
7. fault repair voice prompts: reducing the speed brake failure failure voice prompts, voice prompts, Hall signal failure, power failure, voice prompts and voice prompted electronic remote control alarm
8. shock absorber: front and rear shock with dual spring shock absorber; ride safe, smooth and comfortable ride
Above these sections mainly from electric car distance running King of aspect analysis, which is the reason why it is called the King of long-distance running.

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