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Electric Motorcycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

              Anyway, the trend of electric power has been irreversible, although the current domestic debate on battery environmental issues continue, but the pace of electrification of all types of vehicles has been accelerated, and now even motorcycles have begun to enter the era of electric, China's market is not only like the calf, fast ke such as the pan-electric motorcycle products, Also have like BMW, KTM and other professional-grade electric motorcycle products, can not help to let everyone sigh, the era of electric motorcycles really come?Electric Motorcycle

              At present, the domestic full streets are filled with electric cars, but most of these are electric bicycles, and a few motorcycle companies have only developed a few electric scooter, only the previous period released by the Dragon how much can see the real electric motorcycle shadow. In the import of cars, electric motorcycles are few, only some of the electric motorcycle prices are too high to be outrageous, people are deterred. At the same time the battery life of electric vehicle, mileage, speed, materials, workmanship, price and other factors are the traditional motorcycle enthusiasts concerned about, the most important is not a domestic electric motorcycle at the same time to meet the speed requirements, the mileage to reach the traditional motorcycle level, so although the major domestic enterprises began to develop electric motorcycles, Also introduced several products, but the real electric motorcycle era has not really come.Electric Motorcycle

              Of course, due to the current situation in China, electric motorcycles in some areas or belong to the gray area, and in order to meet the use of demand, car friends the most common approach is to do their own conversion, first of all, do not discuss this approach, the most important is the security is not guaranteed. Many car friends only to improve the power, but ignored the domestic electric vehicle frame, braking, damping, wheels, tires, etc., often quality and quality can not withstand excessive power, which has caused a great safety hazard. Some inferior finished electric motorcycles in order to maximize the benefits, lower the price of cars, jerry-building, not only to the driver to create a great safety hazard, on the road to other traffic participants also have a great safety risk.Electric Motorcycle

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