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Electric Motorcycle Internal Device
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

    In the rotation control of the drive motor, the DC motor relies on the contactor to change the direction of the current of the armature or the magnetic field, thereby realizing the rotation of the motor, which makes the hole Kazakh circuit complicated and the reliability is reduced. When using AC asynchronous motor drive, the motor steering change only need to change the magnetic field three-phase current phase sequence can be, so that the control circuit can be simplified. In addition, the use of AC motor and its frequency control technology, so that electric vehicle braking energy recovery control more convenient, the control circuit is more simple.Electric Motorcycle  The role of the driving device is to drive the motor torque through the wheel into the ground force, driving the wheel walking. It is the same as other cars, composed of wheels, tires and suspension.Electric Motorcycle The brake of an electric vehicle, like other vehicles, is provided for deceleration or parking of a vehicle, usually consisting of a brake and its operating device. In the electric car, there are generally electromagnetic brake device, which can use the drive motor control circuit to achieve the power generation operation of the motor, so that the energy when the deceleration brake into the battery charge current, so as to be recycled.Electric Motorcycle

    The working device is specially designed for industrial electric vehicles to complete the job requirements, such as electric forklift lifting device, mast, fork and so on. The lifting of the fork and the inclination of the gantry are usually done by the motor-driven hydraulic system. National standards "electric motorcycle and electric light motorcycle safety requirements" is mainly on electric motorcycles and electric mopeds of electrical appliances, mechanical safety, signs and warnings, as well as test methods were clearly defined. Which includes: the heat generated by electrical appliances should not cause burning, material deterioration or personnel burns; power battery and power circuit system should be equipped with protective devices; should be a key switch to start electric motorcycles and so on. Electric two-wheeled motorcycles:       Electric Motorcycleelectric-driven; the maximum design speed greater than 50km / h two motorcycles. Electric three-wheeled motorcycles: electric-driven, the maximum design speed greater than 50km / h, vehicle quality does not exceed 400kg of three motorcycles. Electric two-wheeled motorcycles: two motorcycles driven by electric power, one of the following conditions: the maximum design speed greater than 20km / h and not more than 50km / h; vehicle weighing more than 40kg and the maximum design speed of not more than 50km / H. Electric three-wheeled mopeds: three-wheeled motorcycles driven by electricity, the maximum design speed is not greater than 50km / h and the vehicle is not more than 400kg. City limits motorcycles on the road

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