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Electric Motorcycle Speed Control Device
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

             The steering gear is set up to realize the turning of the car, which consists of steering gear, steering wheel, steering mechanism and steering wheel. Acting on the steering wheel of the control force, through the steering wheel and steering mechanism to deflect a certain angle to achieve the vehicle steering. Most electric cars turn to front wheels, and electric forklifts used in industry often use rear-wheel steering. The steering device of electric vehicle has the kinds of mechanical steering, hydraulic steering and hydraulic power steering.

             The braking device of an electric vehicle, like any other car, is set up for the deceleration or parking of a car, usually consisting of a brake and its control device. In the electric vehicle, generally also has the electromagnetic braking device, it can use the driving motor's control circuit to realize the electric motor's power generation operation, causes the deceleration braking energy to convert to the battery charging current, thus obtains the regeneration utilization.Electric Motorcycle

             The working device is specially set up for the requirement of the industrial electric vehicle for the completion of the operation, such as lifting device, door frame and fork of the electric forklift. The lifting of the fork and the tilt of the door frame are usually done by the motor-driven hydraulic system.Electric Motorcycle

             The function of the driving device is to turn the driving torque of the motor into the force of the ground and drive the wheel to walk. It is the same as other cars, consisting of wheels, tires, and suspensions.Electric Motorcycle

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