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Electric Tricycle Battery Maintenance Instructions
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 07, 2017

    For electric tricycles, walking in the streets are already commonplace things. But how to maintain an electric tricycle to make it a longer life is a learned.Electric Tricycle

    Electric tricycle before riding should check whether the battery box is locked, the display panel lights show normal, and check the same as ordinary bicycles, the necessary mechanical and driving safety checks. Rainy day driving in the water pavement, the water area does not exceed the normal direction of the electric wheel center, such as the road area of water depth over the center of the electric wheel, the electric wheel may cause water leakage caused by failure.Electric Tricycle

    The vehicle should be kept on the air wet. The temperature is too high and corrosive gases in place, so as not to metal parts of the surface of the electroplating paint chemical corrosion, should avoid the vehicle for a long time sun exposure and rain. So as to avoid damage to the components within the controller, resulting in operational failure, accident occurred accident.Electric Tricycle

    Electrical control part of the complex structure, the user should not be disassembled, repaired, such as local charging voltage instability, easy to make charger fuse fuse, the proposed use of AC voltage regulator, electric tricycle in the back feeling more heavy, and forward The wheel will have a slight friction sound is a normal phenomenon.

    In addition, the lubrication of the electric tricycle is an important part of the maintenance, according to the use of the front axle, rear axle, shaft, flywheel, fork, shock absorber fulcrum and other parts every six months to a year scrub and lubrication to maintain Its normal use needs.Electric Tricycle

    The main power of electric tricycles from the battery, most of the electric tricycle battery for the lead-acid battery, so the battery life affect the electric tricycle travel distance, the battery maintenance from the following six aspects.

1, the correct grasp of the battery time to discharge the battery depth of 60% -70% when the best charge, the actual use can be converted into riding mileage, according to the actual situation necessary to charge, to avoid nuisance charge. 2, is strictly prohibited when the loss of power loss state is that the battery is not used after the timely charge. In the loss of state storage of the battery, it is prone to sulfation, lead sulfate crystals attached to the plate, blocking the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charge, the battery capacity decreased. The longer the idle time, the heavier the battery is. Therefore, the battery is not used when idle, should be added once a month, this can better keep the battery health. 3, to avoid high-current discharge electric car at the start, manned, uphill, please use pedal power, try to avoid instantaneous high current discharge. Large current discharge easily lead to the production of lead sulfate crystals, thereby damaging the physical properties of the battery plate. 4, to prevent the exposure temperature is too high environment will increase the internal pressure of the battery leaving the battery limit valve forced to open automatically, the direct consequence is to increase the battery water loss, and the battery over-dehydration will inevitably lead to decreased battery activity, accelerated plate softening , When the shell heat, shell from the drum, deformation and other fatal injuries. 5, to avoid charging when the plug heat plug output plug loose, contact surface oxidation and other phenomena will lead to charging plug fever, fever time is too long will lead to charging plug short circuit, direct damage to the charger, bring unnecessary losses. So the above-mentioned situation, should be promptly clear the oxide or replace the connector. 6, regular inspection in the use of the process, if the electric car continued mileage in a short time suddenly dropped more than ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack at least one battery dislocation, plate softening, plate active substances Off and other short-circuit phenomenon. At this point, should be promptly to the professional battery repair institutions to check, repair or with groups. This will be able to extend the life of the battery pack, the greatest degree of savings.

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