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Emissions Of Electric Motorcycle And Environmental Protection
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

      After the implementation of the new national standard, the market sales of the whole vehicle weight greater than 40kg, the speed of more than 20km electric two-wheeled motorcycles will be placed into the mopeds, and according to the "Motor vehicle Operation safety Technical conditions" in the relevant provisions of such electric vehicles can be incorporated into the motor vehicle management scope. Correspondingly, once the light motorcycle is assigned to the motor vehicle, according to the relevant state regulations, the driver must pass the license, the examination license, the insurance and so on to the legal road.Electric Motorcycle

       With the upgrade of emission, environmental protection and energy consumption standard, the demand of electric motorcycle power system is becoming more and more prominent, and the electric motorcycle products of the domestic mainstream motorcycle enterprises are in a ready state. Electric Motorcycle

       In energy-saving, under the dual guidance of environmental regulations and government policy, the demand of the small power grade lithium battery market will increase rapidly, corresponding to the large-scale market demand, due to the lack of government funding support and high-end market guidance, motorcycle lithium battery industry slow pace, the battery system design and production level is uneven, The price/performance ratio of lithium batteries has become a key factor in the industrialization of small electric vehicles.Electric Motorcycle

       Compared with the production efficiency of lead-acid battery standardization and the convenience of combination, at present, the lithium-ion battery system used in L-class vehicles is "blossoming", the specification is "contending", resulting in different enterprises, different models of the battery system has no common, increased the development of the battery system, application costs Electric Motorcycle

       The negligible production of single lithium battery system limits the scale effect of the product, increases the production cost of the battery, and finally affects the application of the file battery. The "non-standard" of monomer, module and system has become a major obstacle to the industrialization of lithium battery.Electric Motorcycle

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