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How To Maintain A Battery
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1, the correct charge time
General battery electric 60%-70%, is the best on a single charge, rather than used up electric charge;
2, non-storage
Lack of electricity refers to the battery without recharge. Electric storage batteries, very prone to sulfate, lead sulfate crystals attached on the plate, block ion channels, resulting in insufficient charging, battery capacity decrease. Lack of electricity
Idle state longer, more severe battery damage. Therefore, the battery is idle when not in use, should be added on a monthly basis, so as to keep the battery health status;
3, to avoid large current discharge
Electric tricycles in the beginning, manned, uphill, pedal power, please, try to avoid momentary high current discharge. High discharge current can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystals, to the detriment of the physical properties of battery plates;
4, to prevent exposure
High temperature environment will increase battery internal pressure so that the battery was forced to open the pressure limiting valve, direct consequence increase the battery fluid loss, and excessive loss of battery will cause battery activity decreased, acceleration plate softened, fever charging shell, shell knob, deformation and other deadly injuries.
5, to avoid charging plug heating
Charger output plug loose, contact oxidation phenomena can lead to plug heat, heat for too long can cause short circuit plug, direct Chargers, causing unnecessary losses. So when I found out that the situation should be promptly removing oxides or replacing connectors;
6, regular inspection
In the course of using, if electric vehicles continue the sudden drop in mileage in a short period of more than 10 kilometers, is likely to be at least a battery in the battery pack breaks, softening, the plate electrode active material falls off short circuit. At this point, it is timely to examine commercial battery repair service, repair, or distribution group. This will extend battery life, and to maximize cost savings.

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