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How To Repair Electric Car
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1, and choose the best quality accessories.
Electric car accessories including batteries, battery chargers, controllers, and so on. Batteries, we more use lead-acid batteries, it's more durable than batteries silver, the average life expectancy of up to 1.5 years, and because the use is very popular, so the replacement, repair is also more convenient. Motors are more likely to choose a brushless motor.
2, pick the brand.
Under normal circumstances, brand and is directly proportional to the quality of the electric car. And a good brand usually comes with a high quality of service. Electric vehicle three of the quality service of seven, good quality but not aftermarket brands, was bothered by you. So when in the selection, and service assurance business to ask.
3, purchase, pay attention to try it.
Electric cars is always used to ride, so try out is very important. In the process of trying, how comfortable would smoothly, brake tension, all lights are not bright, Horn sound, and more details.

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