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Important Precautions For Electric Bicycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

The most important preventive measures is to regularly give the electric car brake system to do a check, for maintenance, the best half a year, because the brake pads with a long time, will be more loose, sometimes the brakes in the end can not be completely stopped, then Be sure to adjust the maintenance, the replacement parts to be replaced in time. If the driving process often uphill, downhill, brake shoes wear faster, the maintenance of the frequency to be higher.Electric Bicycle

Brake switch is also a need to pay attention to a link, the switch hidden in the brake inside the handle, the brake when the switch will automatically cut off the car's power supply, so to avoid panic, while the side of the brake and pull the power door. "Brake switch is a small part, easily overlooked by people, many car brake switch is broken, the owner is not timely maintenance, or in the repair time simply canceled, which will bring some security risks.Electric Bicycle

In the purchase of electric vehicles, he believes that the general brand of electric vehicles, including the brake, including the performance will be better, the safety factor will be relatively high. Some odd car, assembling the car, to cater to some people on the power of strong, fast preferences, speed design faster, so that the weight of the vehicle and brake performance does not match, it will be very dangerous.Electric Bicycle

Ultra-quiet intelligent brushless electric vehicle controller is mainly used NEC NEC9234 production as the master chip, the chip is rich in resources, superior performance, coupled with efficient and fast PID program-controlled algorithm, constitute a superior performance of three-phase low pressure brushless DC controller. Ultra-quiet design, so that brushless start to run the noise to achieve the best results. The use of intelligent protection system, with undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, stall protection, automatic brake power and other multiple protection functions to ensure that the use of the controller and the vehicle to reduce the vehicle failure and improve reliability. Safe, max.Electric Bicycle

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