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Internal Devices For Electric Motorcycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

     The composition of electric motorcycles includes: Power drive and control system, drive and other mechanical system, the work device of accomplishing the task. Electric power Drive and control system is the core of electric vehicle, it is also different from the biggest difference of using internal combustion engine drive vehicle. Before the electric car, DC motor speed adjustment using a series of resistors or change the motor magnetic field coil turns to achieve. It is rarely used today because its speed is hierarchical and it generates additional energy consumption or the structure of the motor is complex. Nowadays, the wide application of the electric vehicle is the thyristor chopper speed regulation, the Stepless speed regulation of the motor is realized by changing the end voltage of the motor and controlling the current of the motor.Electric Motorcycle
      In the continuous development of electronic power technology, it is gradually replaced by other power transistors (into GTO, MOSFET, BTR and IGBT) chopper speed control devices. From the development of technology, with the application of new driving motor, the change of speed control of electric vehicle into the application of DC inverter technology will become an inevitable trend. The function of the driving device is to turn the driving torque of the motor into the force of the ground and drive the wheel to walk. It is the same as other cars, consisting of wheels, tires and suspension.Electric Motorcycle
      In the Rotary transformation control of the driving motor, the DC motor relies on the contactor to change the current direction of the armature or the magnetic field, and realizes the rotor transformation of the motor, which makes the Konziha circuit complex and the reliability reduced. When the AC asynchronous motor is used to drive, the change of the motor steering can be simplified by changing the phase sequence of the three-phase current of the magnetic field. In addition, the AC motor and its frequency conversion speed control technology are used to make the braking energy recovery of electric vehicles more convenient and the control circuit simpler.
      The braking devices of electric vehicles, like other vehicles, are set up for deceleration or parking of vehicles, usually consisting of brakes and their control devices. In the electric vehicle, generally also has the electromagnetic braking device, it can use the drive motor's control circuit to realize the electric motor's power generation operation, causes the deceleration braking energy to convert to the battery charging current, thus obtains the regeneration utilization.Electric Motorcycle

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