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Maintenance Mode Of Electric Tricycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

      As a kind of environmental protection, clean, high conversion rate of important energy, widely used in production and life, the use of electricity to drive the replacement of vehicles, to promote the development of low carbon carbide transport industry, reducing the cost of transportation, saving energy, protecting the environment, is one of the most important subjects in the world, after decades of development, has been applied in Electric city bus, factories and mines electric transport vehicles, electric city sanitation clean vehicles, engineering, tunnel, subway construction dedicated vehicles and many other fields.Electric Tricycle
     Electric tricycle with its strong applicability, flexible, simple maintenance, easy maintenance, low prices and other advantages, you can flexibly walk through the narrow road between. The electric tricycle has the reversing switch, can conveniently realize the backward driving function, this is very practical in the Narrow Road alley, the alley, regardless of the traveling parking is very convenient. Widely used in family, urban and rural areas, individual rental, factory, mining area, sanitation, community cleaning and other short-distance transportation.Electric Tricycle
     Electric tricycle should check whether the battery box is locked before riding, display panel lights display is normal, and check the same as ordinary bicycles, make necessary mechanical and driving safety check. Rainy days on the road when the water is not more than the electric wheel center of the normal operation, such as the road surface water depth exceeding the electric wheel center, will be possible to make the electric wheel water seepage and cause trouble. The vehicle should be kept in damp air. Temperature too high and corrosive gas site, lest the metal parts of the plating paint surface chemical corrosion, should avoid the whole bus time hot sun exposure and rain. In order to avoid damage to the controller components, resulting in operation failure, the accident occurred. The electrical control part structure is complex, the user should not disassemble, repair, if the local charge voltage is not stable, easy to make the charger fuse fuse, the proposal uses the AC voltage stabilizer, the electric tricycle feels more heavy when backwards, as well as carries forward the slight friction sound in the wheel hub to be normal phenomenon.Electric Tricycle
    In addition, electric tricycle lubrication is the maintenance of the important content, according to the use of the front axle, the rear axle, the axis, flywheel, forward fork, shock absorber rotation pivot and other components every six to one years to scrub and lubrication to maintain their normal use needs.Electric Tricycle

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