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Several Attention Points In Choosing Electric Scooters,
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

When it comes to listen to that will listen to the sound of electric motorcycles, mainly listen to the voice of its wheels, no other noise was similar, whether the motor is turned on loud speaker sound and so on, which is that we need to listen to the
2, see
Mainly from the appearance of electric motorcycles, where we can see the judge is mainly look obvious technical problems and friction marks,
3, touch
Touch is touch, through our hands to touch it-related parts, to see whether its surface is very smooth, and the motor is running how long will heat, there is the tires, mainly in the flat tire, you can pinch it with your hands tire, resilient
4, try
In fact, this step is very important, only in person to try to find some more light on seeing, hearing, and touch can not find the problem. Try this one as long as basic to try before you buy to be able to clearly see the cars for the future will be better
5, check
Mainly check the electric motorcycle-related documents, then you can also see how the company or factory (which are available on check before), then the most important thing is after sales related

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