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Several Detailed Classification Of Electric Tricycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 13, 2017

1, household-electric tricycle
Household type electric tricycles are generally take the side wheel motor, external frame, so the vehicles light weight and axle load is not contained, can load 200kg, the motor is generally 350-500W, generally 12V20A battery battery, it is suitable to use as their family and older travel tools.
Of course there is also a DC motor and axle load is, of course, bring stability to large axial stability than without a lot, so this car price is relatively high, it is a DC motor drive at the same time after two rounds.
2,-laden electric tricycle
Laden electric tricycle is divided into two types:
Motorcycle type laden electric tricycle, said this class car, actually regardless of appearance also is configuration are and motorcycle tricycle some like, certainly also different Yu above of household type electric tricycle, in the reset motor and with big axis, standard distribution machine are is 500W above of, shipments General are can in 600KG around, can for adjustable speed, road most fast of speed relative motorcycle tricycle somewhat slow, but also can reached each hours 35 km around;

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