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Technical Quiz On Electric Tricycle Controller
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

              What is an EV controller? A: Electric vehicle controller is the control of motor speed of the components, but also the core of electric vehicle electrical system, with undervoltage, limited flow or over-current protection. The function of the electric vehicle controller also has a variety of riding mode and the whole vehicle electrical components self-test function. Electric vehicle controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various signal processing.

              What is the difference between a brushless electric vehicle controller and a brush electric car controller? A: Because the brushless electric vehicle controller depends on the electronic commutation, so its control mode is more difficult than the brush Electric vehicle controller, its circuit is much more complex than the brush Electric vehicle controller, its manufacturing cost and technology is much higher than the brush Electric vehicle controller.Electric Tricycle

              What is the role of electric vehicle controllers in electric vehicles? Answer: The main control motor speed, at the same time, there are a variety of protection functions, such as undervoltage protection, current limiting protection, braking power outages, and so on, the electric vehicle controller of the Czech electric vehicle and other protection functions such as self-check protection.

               Electric vehicle controller's motor line and power line which two are interlinked? Answer: The positive line of the motor is connected with the positive line of the power line, it is actually a line.

              What is the limit current protection of the electric vehicle controller? Answer: Limit current protection circuit to the electric vehicle controller output maximum current limit, to protect the battery, electric vehicle controller and motor, such as the permissible range of large current, lest the current too large, damage to the above devices.Electric Tricycle

              What are the methods to test the limiting current of the electric vehicle controller? Answer: A. Remove the function of the brake power off, maintain mechanical braking function, and then put the ammeter 20A DC current file, unplug the electric vehicle controller's positive line, the ammeter red and black table pen in series between the battery positive and the electric vehicle controller positive, in the normal operation to the most high-speed slow braking motor, then there will be a maximum current value, you can measure the limit flow value. b. After the ammeter is connected, the maximum current is obtained by the car ride.Electric Tricycle

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