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The Method Of Braking Fault Repair For Electric Tricycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 30, 2017

             The electric tricycle is more and more popular, the manned goods is very convenient, but the riding time is long the fault will always appear. This paper mainly describes the method of braking failure repair: electric vehicle and car braking principle similar, metal grinding piece in the brake with the tire hinge metal Ring "brake disc" tightly combined, through friction to reduce the speed. Electric tricycle More common brakes are: disc brake--the use of hydraulic drive, brake resistance arm larger, brake effect is good, be high-end car preferred. Drum brakes-the use of mechanical transmission, cheap, good braking effect.Electric Tricycle

              The first step, to protect the board, the dismantling of the half axle screws. Some of the models for beauty and protection of the axle screws, there is a guard plate protection, with a screwdriver along the guard plate circle gently pry, can see the half axis wire, this ribbon edge, was "pin" block, the original tightening screws in case of loose wire, there is a peg can prevent the screw off, so the pin should not be ignored, not to dismantle! In the removal of the half shaft wire can not be forcibly demolished, or easy to chew bad screws "skid" hurt the hand. Tip: You can find T-type steel bar, aim at the half axle screw edge to tap, gently, disassembly is very easy, and then remove the spring gasket, the half axle screws and half axle screw parallel, with the hammer parallel force percussion, then the brake "Jinwozi" will be a slight move, with the hand to remove it, but it is easy to hit the half axle screws broken. The market has sold out "Jinwozi" and the axle of the tool, a pull a knock easily, in order to save time, buy a set of easy to use, work twice as much!Electric Tricycle

              The second step, go to the old brake pads, check the brake disc and rocker arm. The brake pads are very good to remove, with the hand to the outside of a button that falls, with the hand shaking the brake arm is flexible, some rust has hindered the swing arm! Tip: Remove the rocker arm, in the swing arm can not be used to hammer brute force to hit, because the rocker head end has a path of the track, in case of bad, the installation does not go in, general rocker arm will not rust so die, with derusting agent spray rotation is more dexterous. Check whether the brake disc has a sense of rugged, "potholes" installed on the new brake pads tight brakes, tight loose brakes, and wear brake pads fast, recommended the best replacement.Electric Tricycle

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