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Working Principle Of Power-assisted Sensor For Electric Bicycle
Wuxi ChuangGe Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

             Basic principle: Is the mechanical, electronic, software and magnetism organic combination of components, the system uses dual magnetic circuit (active magnetic circuit and passive magnetic circuit)-Hall elastic Angle Difference count, detection of human feet when the dynamic torque generated, the dynamic torque signal into a digital signal, then to the analog signal output to the controller, the system through the storage MCU can complete the set of storage functions and system error of the zero processing to ensure that the vehicle matching and product consistency, it with the current domestic electric bicycles have a good match.Electric Bicycle

             Electric Bicycle Main functions and Advantages: 1, save power to prolong battery life: leisure fitness At the same time, improve the whole vehicle mileage nearly 1 time times. Because the current is about half of the pure electric vehicle, it avoids the battery damage caused by large current discharge. 2, set the system Afterburner function: According to the user's riding style and controller-the matching of the motor can be changed: the compensation amount of moment parameter and the compensation of kinetic energy parameter; 3. Repeat settings: Depending on the size of the user on the afterburner, let the user ride in the process while riding the edge settings to meet the needs of different customer-friendly operation. 4, Motor Controller general: Brush/Brushless, high-speed/low-speed, 24v/36v Controller-Motor system general. 5. Universal installation: Bicycle sprocket crank with D-axis. 6, modular combination of design concept: can be based on user requirements of functional combination. (such as instrument components, intelligent double control, speed control, etc.). 7, auxiliary force switch function: With three-shift force ratio switching (with energy display 25%, 50%, 75%); 8, good security: according to the entire vehicle transmission ratio set the maximum speed limit (such as: 25 km/h does not add electricity); 9, dormant function Interface: The instrument component is equipped with the whole vehicle dormancy function interface: when the whole vehicle stops running 5 minutes, there is the dormant state signal output. 10. Strong Anti-interference Ability: can work normally in turbid water.Electric Bicycle

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